Stella Soul is all about serving up classic jazzy, soulful sounds with a contemporary pop twist. Whether in a club, a cafe, on a cruise ship, or in a hotel lounge, this three-piece band brings high energy and good vibes wherever the night may be.

Stella Soul’s unique & uplifting fusion of jazz and soul instrumentals, layered with alt-pop vocals and electronic elements get audiences from all ages and music tastes moving in their seats and grooving on the dance floor. Drawing inspiration from musical influences such as Pink Floyd, Masego, Anderson Paak, and Louis the Child, this Vancouver-based trifecta is composed of Kentya Kurban on vocals, James Red on vocals and keys, and Cam Lawrence on drums and production. 

Kentya, James, and Cam all fell in love with music as young kids and began training and performing as musicians from childhood and throughout their high school years. After graduating, the three of them eventually left their various hometowns across Western Canada and moved to the city of Vancouver, finding their way into the production program at Nimbus School of Recording & Media in 2016 where the three of them first crossed paths. 

After their courses at Nimbus ended, Kentya, James, and Cam would continue to stay connected, playing covers and jamming together at each other’s home studios late until the early morning. Eventually, this continued collaboration developed a strong bond for songwriting, and Stella Soul was formed as an official group in 2017. On April 1st, 2018, they recorded and released their 5-song debut EP “Final Touch”.  The EP was a personal project telling real-life stories of friends and family members, touching on relevant themes of love and loss. 

Since this spring 2018 release, Stella Soul has been refining and defining their distinctive sound on stage, wowing audiences at various live music venues around Vancouver. The band recently had an album release show at Fortune Sound for their most recent album, "Cherry St." Which was released on Feb 21st, 2020. Available on all streaming devices. .

When asked about what makes them different from other bands in the city, they responded:

“We are inspired by so many different genres, and we connect them all together into what we create. It’s bringing our own individual styles to the table and making something new and fresh.”


That same love for music that brought them together, from different hometowns, different backgrounds, different musical influences, is what they hope to inspire within their listeners.


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